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BSI introduces Blue Steel mic

22 August 2012
BSI introduces Blue Steel mic

Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI), a developer and service provider of wireless camera, audio and communication systems, will introduce its Blue Steel MIC1500 wireless microphone system at IBC2012. The microphone operates between 1435 and 1525 MHz, a tightly controlled slice of spectrum that requires special coordination and ensures a clean signal. The MIC1500 microphone features an integrated ‘talk back’ switch that enables the user to toggle between on air recording and off air communication with the producer. It is designed with the internal antenna at the bottom of the shaft, which prevents the presenter from obstructing the signal. The handsets are battery powered and have an operational life of about six hours. The technology is also available in a belt pack configuration. The microphone operates on BSI’s Intelligent Diversity Receive Infrastructure which involves placing multiple receive sites across a wide area to ensure reliable signal transmission and reception for multiple wireless devices. The company’s wireless cameras, including point-of-view and on-board, and other communication devices also work on this system. BSI will be located in booth 5.B20. The Blue Steel MIC1500 microphone and other BSI technologies will be on display with demonstrations performed throughout the day.


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