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BroaMan extends routing matrix for French parliament

19 March 2014
BroaMan extends routing matrix for French parliament

BroaMan has completed the second phase of its communication infrastructure project for French TV network La Chaîne parlementaire.

The project began last year, as Philippe Delépine, sales engineer at Audiopole, explained: “Initially, we proposed a multiplex solution down a single fibre using two V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI — the BroaMan video platform with audio. This would function as a five-in, one-out point-to-point system.”

The second phase has seen the extension of the system to further locations and creation of a centralised routing system by redeploying old devices with further interfaces from BroaMan.

BroaMan has delivered a Route66 as the centralised router and two MUX22 units, with a third supplied later.

“Route66 is configured to combine five satellites — integrating the older V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI units with the new MUX22 devices. Every channel that appears on the satellite is available in Route66 and can be routed to any of the outputs,” said BroaMan application engineer, Maciek Janiszewski.

Both the V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI and MUX22 devices are equipped with the Clear-Com board, offering four 4-wire intercom ports each, while a X6R-FX-INTERCOM provides local audio and intercom I/O in the central location, where the ports are used either for Clear-Com intercom or line level audio.

The new system is controlled by the latest Optocore software, which introduces advanced monitoring features and video matrixing, and will be supported by Audiopole.

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