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Broadcasters use TVUPack for live coverage of 2012 US presidential elections

13 November 2012
Broadcasters use TVUPack for live coverage of 2012 US presidential elections

TVU Networks has announced that broadcasters around the world relied upon TVUPack 3G/4G mobile uplink solutions to broadcast live results of the US local, national and presidential elections.

Broadcast organisations from around the globe including ARD (Germany), France 24 and France TV used TVU’s global rental programme to deploy TVUPack in locations across the United States to deliver live coverage of the presidential elections to their home nations. With TVUPack, these broadcasters were able to deliver live coverage of the events unfolding at the campaign headquarters of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In addition to international broadcasters, hundreds of US-based broadcast stations used TVUPack to cover national, state and local election results and deliver live updates and innovative content to viewers.

“Because of TVUPack, we were able to dramatically increase our ability to go live from various locations to cover the election results. Ordinarily we would only be able to go live using one or two OB vans in stationary locations. However, TVUPack enabled us to do six simultaneous live shots, giving us a tremendous edge over our competitors,” said Jeff Clark, operations manager, WIFR TV. “Our camera operators in the field love how easy the TVUPack is to use, and by using a combination of data cards and Wi-Fi, the picture quality was just outstanding. We looked great on air.”

TVUPack is a powerful cellular uplink solution that dynamically segments a video signal and broadcasts it over multiple wireless 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMax, BGAN, satellite and microwave connections, ensuring that bandwidth from each connection is fully utilised and aggregated. As a result, TVUPack is able to deliver unmatched stability, resiliency and picture quality – even in the most challenging network environments.

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