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Broadcast Rental acquires BP Satellite Solutions

4 October 2016
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Dutch pro-AV rental equipment company Broadcast Rental has finalised the acquisition of BP Satellite Solutions.

The move comes as Broadcast Rental aims at global market coverage for wireless broadcast applications.

BP Satellite Solutions operates in the high-end broadcast industry and is specialises in satellite and AV connections, primarily broadcasting Formula One races around the world.

Broadcast Rental’s CEO Geert Paul Slee said, “The services provided by BP Satellite Solutions work seamlessly with those of Broadcast Rental.

“The industry know-how, equipment and unparalleled network of relations that BP Satellite Solutions brings will broaden our business foundation and will accelerate our plans to become a major player in Europe and the rest of the world.

BP Satellite Solutions founder Patrick Hendriks added, “I am confident that our company and clients are in the right hands with Broadcast Rental. Together, we can achieve the necessary growth needed to compete in this globalising world.”

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