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Broadcast Pix tackles European market

13 December 2007

Broadcast Pix is taking an innovative approach to customer demonstrations that sees its Slate live production system travel to broadcasters and production professionals across Europe. The company has built a small but complete broadcast production studio in a mobile demo van that features a fully functional Slate live production system, writes Fergal Ringrose.

“The Broadcast Pix Slate system is a very strong product with an excellent reputation, but to be fully appreciated it must be seen in a complete studio configuration that mimics an authentic studio environment,” said David Hughes, Broadcast Pix operations manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “The investment in a demonstration van allows us to convey the full strength of the Slate platform to more people in a more effective manner.”

The Broadcast Pix Slate system, available in three configurations to meet the different needs of broadcast and production professionals, integrates a production switcher, production control panel, Inscriber CG, transitional effects, chroma-keyer, clip store, 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio treatment, and multiview monitoring, among other functions, in a single workstation-based system. The company has installed 500 systems in 43 countries and continues to build momentum in the US and abroad with broadcasters and production professionals seeking a reliable, first-class live production system at a cost-effective price point.

Outside Broadcast Van professionals E to E of Leeds, England, integrated the studio in the Broadcast Pix European Demonstration Van. The comprehensive studio configuration will feature a complete Slate 1000 system plus camera control and a Yamaha audio mixer.

The OB Van integration means that the company will save at least two hours per demonstration compared to the previous method of unloading, setting up, and tearing down each demonstration, allowing representatives to schedule more presentations per day or cover a wider territory during a specific demo tour. Set up now requires only a convenient parking spot. The van can run from its power or a convenient power outlet.

“With a conventional control room comprised of individual components, a mobile studio with this kind of power would require a large truck,” said Ken Swanton, president of Broadcast Pix. “With Broadcast Pix, this all fits into a conventional Mercedes van, which makes it even easier to show the nimble solutions made possible by Broadcast Pix Slate systems.”

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