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Broadcast Pix adds multi-language support

14 June 2012
Broadcast Pix adds multi-language support

Broadcast Pix has unveiled Multi-Lingual Fluent-View, a local language user interface for Granite and Mica Video Control Centres, which allows live video producers to simply select a UI language from a drop down menu. Unicode support was also announced, enabling file-names and other data to be viewed in character-based languages such as Chinese.

Multi-Lingual Fluent-View provides support for English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages, and enables users to easily add languages. All production controls are displayed in the selected language, including the entire Fluent-View “top page” layout, menus, messages, file names, source names, and Fluent Macro names. Plus, Broadcast Pix Translation Assistant software, which is included with Granite and Mica systems, allows users to add other languages or dialects.
“Broadcast Pix systems are used in more than 100 countries, and now Multi-Lingual Fluent-View allows customers who do not speak English to switch with confidence,” said Ken Swanton, Broadcast Pix CEO.
Multi-Lingual Fluent-View can be used on a touchscreen monitor to control all the capabilities of the Broadcast Pix system, including its switcher, clip store, CG, Fluent Macros, and remote control of robotic cameras, recorders, streamers, and servers. The Multi-lingual Fluent-View can also be used to complement one of five Broadcast Pix control panels.
A Beta version of Multi-Lingual Fluent-View is available as a free download now, and will be included in the final release of Video Control Centre 3.1 software in July. V3.1 also includes new multiscreen support that enables three “programmes” to be generated from one Broadcast Pix system, using the system’s programme output and two enhanced PowerAux outputs, to drive any combination of image magnification (I-MAG) screens, internet feeds, or live television productions.
Broadcast Pix also announced that V3.1 will add remote control of Grass Valley K2 video servers, a new option that enables Broadcast Pix systems to control up to four channels of playback, plus record. It supports auto-start of clips when brought to air, as well as integration with Fluent Macros. Plus, clip names are displayed on the panel’s PixPad. Optional control of video servers from 360 Systems, Harris, and Omneon has also been enhanced. Remote control of up to 12 AJA Ki Pro recorders is included on all Granite and Mica systems.

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