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Broadcast Pix adds Granite

13 March 2011
Broadcast Pix adds Granite

Broadcast Pix will introduce Granite 2000 which is the latest addition to its Granite family of live production systems. Granite 2000 features a new wide 1 M/E control panel and the company has also announced an enhanced control panel for its 2 M/E Granite 5000 system. The Granite 2000 is available now, and the new panel for the Granite 5000 began shipping in January. Both control panels provide faster access to all of Granite’s video and file-based content. Combined with Granite’s Fluent file-based workflow software, the new panels enable a single operator or small team to create highly compelling live video for broadcasts, webcasts, events, and other productions.
 “Granite provides so much power to combine live video and file-based content that we just had to bring out some larger panels to access it all,” says Ken Swanton, president of Broadcast Pix. "No other switcher control panels enable a single operator to create such amazing live video."
 The Granite 2000 control panel provides a much larger work area than the Granite 1000. It expands the number of input buttons from nine to 16 (and reaches 32 with shift), doubles the number of keyer buttons from three to six, and increases auxiliary output buttons from two to 10. It also adds key priority controls, as well as mnemonics to display auxiliary output assignments.
 The enhanced Granite 5000 control panel adds the new features that debuted on the Granite 2000, including dedicated Fluent Macros buttons, control of all aux outputs, and key priority controls for each M/E. In addition it includes extra capabilities for the new bank of Fluent Macros controls.
 Both new panels also feature patented PixButtons for every input, key and content library.
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