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Broadcast Live announces programme

17 May 2007

Broadcast Live, together with gold sponsors Sony, Avid and National Grid Wireless, have unveiled the features programme for the show that will take place at the show from 19th – 21st June 2007 at Earls Court 2, London, writes Fergal Ringrose.

There will be three feature areas at the show, working in conjunction with each other to reflect the create-manage-deliver workflow. The hope is that visitors will be able to take a first hand look at a multitude of free sessions conducted by some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.

The Create area will be a fully functional HD sound stage with HD cameras, sponsored by BBC Training & Development and Cirollite. On Day 1, Andy Wilson, TV production specialist from BBC Training & Development, will be presenting a session on Future Now – creating and producing content for different platforms. Tim Wallbank, production specialist, also from BBC Training & Development, will be presenting Tapeless Workflow – How do you manage when all of your content exists in a virtual world and no longer on the tape in your hand. There will also be many sessions concentrating on HD, with Simon Philbeam, broadcast operations specialist at BBC Training & Development, exploring The HD Tipping Point – when to produce in HD and the consequences if you do, and John Woodbridge of Woodbridge Productions conducting various demonstrations on HD Make-Up.

The Manage area will be a cross-platform post production facility, sponsored by Studio Network Solutions. Here, Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden technologies, one of the associate sponsors for the show, will present a demonstration on Mash-Ups – showing how to make your site more appealing and how to get repeat visitors by allowing them to interact with your content. As well as this, Richard Scott from Ascent Media will be demonstrating The Key to Multi-Platform – find out how implementing and managing the technological migration to all file-based workflow is the key to moving to a true global multi-platform distribution. On Day 1, you will also find David Abel, European sales manager for SGL, discussing Managing storage in a Broadcast environment – exploring the differences between a variety of storage management solutions.

The Deliver area will be dedicated to the final delivery of all the content produced in this tapeless workflow system, sponsored by MGT and Spinvox. Here you will find Nigel Fowler, product manager of Apple UK, demonstrating podcasting and how Apple’s key technologies have changed the face of content distribution. Guy Templer of Two Way TV, will also be presenting on How to Make Money in Digital TV – does multi-platform mean multi-revenue?

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