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British Eurosport enhances broadcast with LiveU

20 June 2013
British Eurosport enhances broadcast with LiveU

British Eurosport has selected LiveU’s cellular transmission technology to improve its broadcasts for British viewers for both small and premium-scale events.

British Eurosport is using LiveU’s LU70 backpack solution to enhance its local feed allowing the sports broadcaster to intercut a range of UK-specific content, including player interviews, practice match coverage and personal moments, with the overall Eurosport feeds.

Jenny King, British Eurosport’s head of production, said, “For us a lot of the benefit of this technology is convenience as it means that we don’t have to rely on satellite. Often we go to events at quite short notice and booking a truck and a satellite feed is either impossible or very expensive. LiveU’s technology provides us with the flexibility to send back our own specific content, giving us the option to operate quickly and economically to enhance our coverage. This provides an improved end product for our viewers.”

The technology has been tested by British Eurosport at events such as the MCE British Superbikes and World Superbikes, the French Open, the WTA Madrid tennis and Masters Snooker in the UK. It will also be employed later this month, for the British coverage of the Tour de France.

“British Eurosport is a premium sports broadcaster and we’re very pleased that it has recognised the power of our technology,” said Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO. “It’s clear that British Eurosport is using it at high-profile events, adding regional flavour to provide an improved viewer experience. We look forward to this continuing relationship.”

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