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Britain’s Got Talent gets DK2 meter from HHB

18 July 2013
Britain’s Got Talent gets DK2 meter from HHB

Robert Edwards, sound director for TV show Britain’s Got Talent was supplied with a DK-Technologies DK2 Audio and Loudness Meter by HHB Communications. The Meter was used for the show’s final and semi-final episodes.

The Britain’s Got Talent 2013 final was one of the UK’s most-watched programmes of the year, with over 11 million viewers. Sound director Robert Edwards used the DK2 Meter to measure the live broadcast stream to check the programme’s integrated LUFS level (the EBU loudness criteria). ITV maintains a dual acceptance policy for programme delivery, so programmes can be delivered with observance to the traditional +8dBm Peak level or to -23 LUFS (plus or minus 1 LUFS).

"It is vitally important to know where our programme sits in relation to these emerging standards,” commented Robert Edwards. “In the UK we have very strict delivery standards, and a correspondingly high level of compliance. Therefore, the development of practical skills, using accurate metering to deal with any new delivery constraints, is essential to stay ahead of the game."

The DK2 offers ITU, EBU and ATSC compliant loudness metering, as well as phase, FFT spectrum analysis, logging and, where necessary, surround sound metering using DK’s Starfish display. The DK2 can be used for audio and loudness setup in broadcast, film and post production, as well as live transmission and recording.

Andy Page, UK director at DK-Technologies said: "The DK Meter range was developed directly with input from users to cover a multitude of audio applications in a compact solution. The Britain’s Got Talent requirement shows how this approach has worked, as we have been able to develop a compact audio meter range that is not only easy to use but also low cost. As a company we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions and we feel the DK Meter range truly represents these values.”

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