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BrightDrive Procyon and Triton eco-friendly servers

8 December 2011
BrightDrive Procyon and Triton eco-friendly servers

Bright Technologies has announced two new, eco-friendly BrightDrive servers: Procyon and Triton that it claims will "dramatically increase productivity and maximize profitability via realtime collaboration between all clients," writes David Fox.

They use the latest BrightClip 2.0 advanced recording technology, which is faster and smarter than before. It overcomes the problem of degradation by eliminating fragmentation, randomization and inter-leaved frames and the patent-pending technology is claimed to be the only solution that works 100% at all times.

BrightDrive Procyon (pictured) is the next generation of Bright’s G2 Pro. The compact 3U high-availability server boasts integrated connectivity, eliminating the need for extraneous components.

The new BrightDrive Triton elevates BrightDrive G2, its predecessor, to a higher level. It is claimed to be an attractively-priced, green solution that only occupies a single rack unit. Both servers support StorNext 4.2.

The eco-friendly designs mean they have lower cooling requirements and "significantly reduce power costs" – they will also cost less, at about 20% less than their predecessors. They will work with a wide variety of applications, protocols, resolutions, and formats, and any existing storage.

“With more uptime, less maintenance effort, and BrightDrive’s internal ‘Virtual SCSI Device’ customers save money on metadata devices, hardware, and maintenance," claimed Roger Beck, Bright’s CTO.

BrightDrive Procyon is shipping now, while BrightDrive Triton will be available in January.


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