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Bright Space supplies One Box

3 December 2009

Bright Space has supplied MultiDyne video and fibre technologies to facilities house One Box Television as part of its move to meet HD production demands.

Bright Space Technologies, has supplied MultiDyne video and fibre optics to One Box Television, which is adopting fibre-based technologies to meet the demands of more sophisticated HD production techniques.

One Box Television now has in place seven TX/RX sets of MultiDyne’s Silver Bullet 3G-capable fibre units, chosen for the company’s combined capabilities of single-mode fibre distance/SDI to full-3G HD signal compatibility, as well as their small size.

Richard Stevenson of One Box Television, said of the newly-installed kit that it “revolutionises the stability of pictures, and has allowed much longer cable runs than were previously possible on coax cable. By combining with other technology, the on-camera boxes now allow full vision control of HD cameras over 100m, as well as feeding timecode, talkback and reverse vision,” he continued. “This is a major investment that will hopefully be paid off by the return from numerous successful jobs in the future.”

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