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Bridge Technologies introduces Objective QoE for error monitoring

19 August 2013

Bridge Technologies has created Objective QoE, a new technology for Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring. Objective QoE uses only criteria that are appropriate to broadcast and digital media delivery, signalling a shift from traditional technology.

It monitors a range of errors that typically occur in media delivery, including audio silence, colour freezes, colour black, and freeze frames, to detect failures affecting quality of experience.

“The problem with QoE monitoring to date is that it has been highly subjective, and therefore less useful than it should be,” said Simen Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies. “Using MOS to evaluate video delivery does not provide a precise or valuable asessment of QoE. Based on MOS and bluriness, a full HD transmission of the Superbowl would score highly, while a transmission of Casablanca ­ in black and white, and with the blur and scratches of an old movie ­ would score badly. Objective QoE provides a far superior solution that actually delivers data and alerts that media operators really need.”

The technology features VB288, a server-based content extraction system with virtual videowall displays, providing users with QoE verification from a number of HD channels simultaneously, from any location. Content extraction can also be implemented on individual Bridgetech probes or groups of probes with the new content extraction software option, to provide additional QoE monitoring of local terrestrial and unencrypted satellite services.

Objective QoE can be incorporated into any Bridge Technologies monitoring infrastructure, using the company’s graphical environment for instantly-intelligible displays of data and status.

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