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Bridge Technologies advances capabilities for VBC Controller-server

5 September 2012
Bridge Technologies advances capabilities for VBC Controller-server

Bridge Technologies has released a new advanced reporting engine for its VBC controller-server. Sitting at the heart of a network of Bridge Technologies digital media monitoring probes, the VBC controller-server provides the data correlation and drives the system’s graphic status displays. Hosting the new reporting engine, the VBC provides the capability for operators to automate the generation of detailed high-quality reports for use in analysis and verification. Based on the VBC’s built-in PostScript interpreter, the reporting engine produces richly-formatted .pdf documents with the detail required to pinpoint specific issues, and can be set up to automate report production and distribution to mailing list. Including data on a comprehensive range of parameters used in monitoring terrestrial (including DVB-T2), satellite, cable and OTT services, the reports complement the system’s existing capabilities for data export to third-party systems, and are a valuable tool for the efficient management of service quality. “Like every aspect of the Bridge Technologies system, the reporting capability delivers outstanding value by being incredibly easy to use,” said Simen Frostad, Bridge Technologies chairman. “Tools can be as clever as you like, but if they are too complicated to use, the benefits are limited. So our reporting engine delivers great results with very little initial configuration, and then automates the process, leaving staff free to get on with providing unbeatable service quality.” All customers of Bridge Technologies with VBC controller-servers and a reporting license will receive the new reporting capability as standard.


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