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BRAM’s HRC translator at Sochi

10 March 2014
BRAM’s HRC translator at Sochi

At the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, both VGTRK and NTV-PLUS used BRAM (Broadcast Automation Technologies) software in their broadcasting of the event. The HRC translator, launched at London’s 2013 Summer Olympics, carried out automated switching of the Riedel Artist intercom system, and was used in the broadcasters’ purpose-built mini TV centres.

Olympic events often took place simultaneously, and were equipped with multiple cameras and commentary booths. When switching the broadcast from one sport event to another, it was necessary to commutate video signals from the Harris router, and commentator audio channel and intercom lines (Riedel Artist matrix platform) separately. BRAM Technologies developed the HRC translator with the aim of easing the transition from one field of play to another.

HRC enables users to deploy the Riedel switcher as additional ‘layers’ of sound cross point to the Harris router. This means that the studio director works only with the Harris matrix, and HRC sends commands to the Riedel switcher according to the pre-determined corresponding settings for Harris and Riedel routers.

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