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Brainstorm’s eStudio eVolves

30 August 2012
Brainstorm’s eStudio eVolves

Brainstorm Multimedia is featuring a new range of product improvements that it says will provide further enhancements to its flexible, fast and comprehensive broadcast graphics packages.

At the core of the improvements is Brainstorm Multimedia’s eStudio on-air graphics and virtual studio engine, a platform on which all the other Brainstorm products run, including EasySet 3D, a trackless virtual set solution.

EasySet 3D provides a comprehensive 3D realtime environment with stereoscopic capabilities, integrated chromakeyer, up to four SD/HD inputs, and a live switcher mode with up to 12 live simultaneous productions for easy transition between 3D cameras from a single PC.

Brainstorm’s Transition Logic Technology is now integrated into EasySet 3D to provide full interaction with any Brainstorm graphic element, including complex 3D Augmented Reality applications.

IBC delegates can also see Brainstorm Easy On-Air Graphics, an intuitive toolset for live streaming based on building highly creative designs on predefined templates, no matter how detailed or complex. Easy On-Air Graphics simplifies workflows and content creation, enabling template editing, playlist creation and live playout from a single user interface.

Brainstorm’s BrainNews graphics control system, meanwhile, is fully compatible with Avid Command, enabling news departments to integrate real time 3D graphics without input from designers.

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