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BPS orders 200 Gekko lights

1 November 2010
BPS orders 200 Gekko lights

Gekko Technology has won an order for 200 Gekko dual colour temperature (tungsten and daylight white) karesslite 6012 luminaires from Broadcast & Production Services (BPS).

"We have seen a wide-scale awakening to the excellent spectral quality of Gekko’s LED-based lighting," commented BPS’ founder and Managing Director, John O’Reilly. "The high efficiency is also a huge added bonus for people working mobile, especially the ability to run the lamps on industry standard batteries, which reduces the volume of equipment that needs to be carried. For creative programme-makers who really care about what they are doing, switching to LED lighting makes total sense. Gekko’s karesslite 6012 is ideal both for studio and location use, and offers great versatility in both environments."
"Demand for our entire range of lighting systems has grown steadily in recent years both for creative and energy-efficiency reasons and because LED systems are inherently robust," added Gekko Technology’s Business Development Manager, Ian Muir. "Gekko products have won a number of industry awards recently but an order of this scale from BPS demonstrates great commitment to the brand and as such is a real lift."
Based on a layout of 6 x 12 LEDs and measuring 600 x 300mm, the Gekko karesslite 6012 can be used as a single soft light source or with optional egg-crates to produce a harder shadow. Power consumption of the karesslite 6012 is approximately 85W, allowing more than three hours of continuous operation from two rear-mountable V-Lock batteries. An integral diffusion grating ensures the lamp is truly single-source. Available in daylight, tungsten or dual colour temperatures, the karesslite 6012 has on-board dimming as well as built-in DMX.

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