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Boxx TV to show control for iris and tally

29 August 2012
Boxx TV to show control for iris and tally

RF camera system manufacturer Boxx TV is to showcase its Meridian Tallis, an iris control and tally indicator accessory, at IBC2012. The product is small enough to mount on any camera and the control knob gives accurate high-resolution control to the iris. As Tallis only controls the lens there is no Black level or red/blue gain control. It provides iris control for a variety of different manufacturers’ cameras by tapping directly into the lens to adjust the aperture. Two Australian’s, Scott Walker and Darrell Bilton, founded Boxx TV. Former cameraman Walker said: "There simply isn’t another solution at this price point to control the iris on wireless camera rigs. This enables you to match the brightness of the video from a wireless camera with other cameras.”11.G40

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