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Bouygues Telecom chooses Broadpeak for IPTV service

16 December 2013
Bouygues Telecom  chooses Broadpeak for IPTV service

France’s Bouygues Telecom has deployed Broadpeak’s BkE100 Live RTP retry servers to manage its IPTV service on Bbox Sensation set-top boxes (STBs). Bouygues Telecom can support packet loss recovery for live content on a variety of set-top boxes, aiming to improve the quality of experience for subscribers.

"Visual defects caused by packet loss are unacceptable for a premium IPTV multiscreen service," said Thibaut Keraval, who is responsible for IPTV/OTT platforms at Bouygues Telecom. "Through standards-based communication protocols, Broadpeak’s BkE100 servers eliminate visual problems like macro-blocks and frozen frames, increasing our customer satisfaction."

When packet loss is detected, the STB requests a retransmission of the missing packets according to RTP retry standards. Broadpeak’s BkE100 server ensures missing packets are recovered before the decoding process begins, eliminating audio and video signal impairments.

The BkE100 servers are capable of capturing up to 800 TV channels and supporting up to 100,000 simultaneous users.

"Broadpeak’s BkE100 server is the most comprehensive network server for packet loss recovery, making it the ideal solution for Bouygues Telecom’s advanced IPTV multiscreen service," commentned Jacques Le Mancq, Broadpeak’s CEO. "Utilising the highly scalable and flexible servers, Bouygues Telecom can deliver a level of quality that is essential for satisfying today’s unforgiving television viewers while helping operators to minimise customer churn and maximise revenue streams."

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