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BMS launches innovative NTxx23 Sony Side Panel

7 May 2013
BMS launches innovative NTxx23 Sony Side Panel

Wireless video specialist BMS has, through a cooperative programme with Sony, developed an innovative new wireless HD transmitter, the NTxx23 Sony Side Panel. An integrated solution for Sony’s HDC2500 series camera, the transmitter is fully compatible with the full range of BMS receiver products and can also be used in conjunction with the full portfolio of BMS or third-party receive units supporting the DVB-T standard.

According to BMS, users will benefit from the simple and efficient dual use capability of the Sony HDC 2xxx series – quickly changing the system from a Triax camera into a wireless one in under three minutes, all without compromising video quality, latency or weight.

The unit features full integration with the HDC2500 series, including a dedicated viewfinder menu page for control and diagnostic. It adds a mere 500g to the onboard weight and includes: built-in wireless camera remote control; COFDM 2k TX; H.264 capability; and boasts 200mW RF output power. It provides full camera remote control with the original Sony RCP.

Different frequencies are available, with the 1.9-2.3GHz and 2.3-2.7GHz ranges as standard with others from BMS on request. An upgrade option allows it to handle Full HD, 3G SDI.

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