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Bluefish444 announces 4K compatibility with Avmeda Marsis

22 February 2017
Bluefish444 announces 4K compatibility with Avmeda Marsis

Bluefish444 has announced its compatibility with Marsis Playout Automation from Avmeda.

Marsis Playout Automation is a hybrid multi-channel 4K/HD/SD/IP automation solution, allowing both traditional baseband broadcasters and next generation online/IP-based TV customers, to use “easily and effectively” within their workflow.

According to the company, Marsis Playout is one of the highest quality automation solutions available for multi-channel operations. Utilising a unique modular structure and multi-server distributed architecture, Marsis Playout offers reliability and scalability for use in master control rooms, production, virtual sets, cloud-based and disaster recovery applications.

Bluefish444 and Avmeda have collaborated to qualify Bluefish444ís Epoch video I/O card range, including Epoch | Neutron, Epoch | 4K Neutron, Epoch | 4K Supernova, Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ and Epoch | Supernova CG, with Marsis Playout Automation, to create a powerful platform for broadcasters.

“Marsis Playout is a quality product bridging the baseband and IP playout workflow via remote access from anywhere,” said Craige Mott, managing director, Bluefish444.

“The Epoch range offers the Avmeda customer base the multi-channel playout they need together with the Bluefish444 quality, stability and reliability guaranteed.

“We were looking for a high quality and reliable video card, particularly for our high-end customers who felt some of the cheaper alternatives were never quite good enough.”

“We found some of our clients stopped using our software due to poor performing hardware,” said Hakan Volkan, sales director, Avmeda. “Since we’ve brought in Bluefish444 cards, we’ve noticed an immediate increase in picture quality, and the cards are very stable with little issue. Their team has been extremely supportive through the entire process.”


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