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Blue Bridge launched

9 September 2012
Blue Bridge launched

Being unveiled during this IBC is the new Neotion Blue Bridge, which creates a secure wireless link between television and smartphones or tablets, allowing the introduction of new services – TV apps – combining simultaneous use of television and mobiles. The Blue Bridge system can be integrated into multiple interfaces such as a CAM, STB or even a USB dongle. Neotion is presenting a solution based on CI Plus CAMs (Conditional Access Modules), but the company is also announcing versions for set-top boxes using an integrated solution and a USB dongle for deployment in 2013 to address the legacy market. Blue Bridge is first and foremost a wireless link that allows two screens to exchange data in a secure manner. It allows data to be extracted from TV streams and to generate information from an interactive television application for transmission to the second screen. Since this link is bidirectional, the mobile device can also transmit information to the television in the opposite direction. Neotion Blue Bridge technology also allows a television to connect to the internet using the mobile device’s internet connection, providing a connected TV without the need for an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi router. – Ian McMurray4.B53

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