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Blackmagic Design acquires Teranex Systems

7 December 2011
Blackmagic Design acquires Teranex Systems

Teranex Systems, which makes high performance video processing products for post production and broadcast, has been bought by Blackmagic Design, writes David Fox.

“Teranex is a strategic acquisition for Blackmagic Design,” explained Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “Its technology, solutions and market complement our own efforts and its high quality video processing technology enables us to provide our customers with even higher levels of video quality — extending Blackmagic Design’s product range for the broadcast, feature film and high end post production markets.”

“This is an exciting milestone for our company,” added Mike Poirier, Teranex’ General Manager. “We are extremely happy to be part of the Blackmagic Design team. Blackmagic Design’s global reach, leading edge technologies, widely recognized brand name, strong systems and networking expertise and worldwide customer relationships make it an ideal partner for Teranex.”

Teranex will continue to support its customers and expand its sales channels with the added reach of Blackmagic Design behind it. Teranex will also continue developing video processing platforms based on its patented SIMD array processor architecture designed to execute sophisticated algorithms in real time on digital video signals.

Key Teranex products include the VC100 series of image processors (pictured left) boasting high quality deinterlace, up conversion, down conversion, SD and HD cross conversion, SD and HD standards conversion, automatic cadence detection and removal (even with edited content), noise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion and smart aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9 conversion, with full timecode and multi channel audio conversion. The company’s new 3D toolkit adds 3D camera alignment, 3D dual channel conversions and new, patent-pending 3D simulation claimed to be "dramatically better than other products available today."


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