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Blackmagic acquires EchoLab assets

12 August 2010
Blackmagic acquires EchoLab assets

Blackmagic Design has acquired all the assets of EchoLab, which was forced into liquidation just after NAB when its primary investor pulled the plug on what looked a thriving business. As a result the well-regarded ATEM production switcher (Echolab’s old model pictured) will be relaunched at IBC.

EchoLab had over 35 years of experience in designing and building production switchers since 1974, all of which culminated in the latest ATEM range of production switchers that included some seriously impressive features such as up conversion on inputs, multilayer SuperSource input, Stinger transitions and built in multiview monitoring, all in a familiar and affordable, fully digital M/E style design.

“I have been using live production switchers since I was in school where we covered local theater, sports, racing and bands. I think it’s the most exciting way to do production because it’s all live and thousands of people are watching what you are doing! Production switchers need to be powerful while also being familiar and easy to operate. I think the ATEM switchers from EchoLab are the most exciting switchers I have ever seen, and it’s incredibly exciting to add these products and intellectual property to the Blackmagic Design family”, said Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design.

“The ATEM switcher is a fantastic creative tool, and it includes powerful features not found in any other product. Since the acquisition, we have already dramatically expanded the engineering team working on ATEM. This fresh engineering team, which is a combination of new as well as experienced EchoLab staff, will allow us to move faster in adding new features to the ATEM product. It’s so exciting, I cannot sleep!”

ATEM is currently being retooled for production and will be available late 2010 for US$19,995 for the 10 input 1 M/E model, and US$51,995 for the 18 input 2 M/E model from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

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