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Binocle shoots Amazon feature

23 September 2011
Binocle shoots Amazon feature

A 25-week shoot in the Amazon rainforest has begun for fictional feature Amazonia 3D. The E15m film is being shot with Sony F35s on three Binocle Brigger rigs supported by studio facilities near Manaus.

The product of two years preproduction, scientific research and writing, Amazonia 3D is produced by France’s Biloba Films and Brazil’s Gullane Film.  This includes six months of mechanical and electronic development of the 3D equipment.
 70 percent of the shoot will be done in a large nature reserve by a crew of 60. The remainder, including aerial work will be shot ‘in the middle of the forest’, in neighbouring countries including Guyana.
 It is being directed by Thierry Ragobert with DP Manuel Teran and stereographer Jeanne Guillot.
 The brief synopsis: A Capuchin monkey born and raised in captivity survives a plane crash in the jungle and must face an unfamiliar world…
 Amazonia 3D boasts extras including 5,000 animals, 40,000 plant species and 2.5 million insects. The film is due in spring 2013.


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