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Big wins for Grass Valley in Russia and Turkey

6 June 2012
Big wins for Grass Valley in Russia and Turkey

FOX Turkey and TV Center (TVC), a major broadcaster in Russia, are upgrading their studios to the latest technologies from Grass Valley. FOX Turkey’s goal was two-fold: to expand its overall capabilities and to enable the distribution of high-definition (HD) content to its subscribers to ensure the best customer experience. Grass Valley engineers, working with FOX Turkey, have designed a fully networked, server-based infrastructure allowing the automated ingest and playout of HD content as digital files. This will make FOX Turkey staff more productive in the way its infrastructure now handles media and introduces a new level of flexibility and staff collaboration. FOX Turkey has purchased, and is in the process of installing, numerous Grass Valley K2 Summit media servers which will be all networked and deployed as a storage area network (SAN). TVC has also upgraded for high HD production. A central part of the system is a new Grass Valley Karrera Video Production Center 2.5 M/E switcher — the first delivered in Russia to date. “The time had come to take the next step to HD production and we wanted to support our new studios with the best and most flexible technologies that will allow us to produce a variety of programmes in the most efficient way,” said Alexey Brusnitskiy, technical director at TVC. “The Grass Valley Karrera offered great value and a lot of the high-end features we were looking for in a production switcher.” Local Grass Valley partner, Vidau Systems, will complete project management and system integration for TVC’s new control room and production studios.

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