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‘Big Five’ broadcasters to outline vision

13 March 2008

NAB will host an unmissable-sounding session that promises to be a rocket ride around the world’s major research and innovation centres, looking at what the people who sign the cheques think are the important trends in broadcast technology today, writes Fergal Ringrose.

The heads of the ‘Big Five’ broadcast research laboratories – the BBC, RAI, IRT, NHK, CRC, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – will outline their vision of what should come out of the labs in the next five-ten years. They will explain what will be important, and what they will be doing about it.

You can bet your boots that the 32Mpixel TV ‘Super High Vision’ – the electronic form of IMAX – will be one of them. Will broadcasting this ever be possible? Several of the labs will tell you yes, and they will explain why. The options for TV’s future don’t stop there either. There are higher framerates and 3D television to conjure with, not to mention ‘Surround View’.

It’s not just internet development that is moving at a greatly accelerated pace Across the world, broadcast research laboratories are driving broadcast technology forward at speed. The Session will allow attendees to take in and question the frontiers of the research for some of the most active laboratories in the world, and to see the possible future of broadcasting.

Details are: Future Broadcast Technologies – A Worldwide Perspective. 15 April, 14.30 – 16.00. Las Vegas Convention Center S228

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