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BFMTV buys new AJ-PX270

14 September 2013
BFMTV buys new AJ-PX270

French news channel BFMTV has become the first purchaser of the new Panasonic AJ-PX270 1/3-inch handheld camcorder, which was launched at IBC yesterday.

The broadcaster will use it to replace a large proportion of its field cameras as soon as the camera becomes available.

The camera uses the new, smaller microP2 cards, offers a wide range of recording formats (from Proxy to LongG 50/25 and AV-Intra class 100/50) and has built-in networking (3G/4G/WiFi), along with a new design and revamped ergonomics.

Quentin GuinŽ, responsible for the maintenance and the operations at BFMTV, believes the AG-PX270 is particularly well suited to news use. Its integrated mobile network connectivity was probably the key factor influencing the choice.

"Being able to send media right after shooting in different quality wasn’t possible without additional equipment. It’s an all-in-one tool that will simplify the way field newsgathering works for journalists. This is why BFMTV has decided to replace a significant part of its camera stock with the new AJ-PX270," he said.
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