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Best of Fischer and Draka

31 January 2013
Best of Fischer and Draka

Argosy will be showcasing its new Fischer Triax HD Pro+ solution at BVE 2013. Produced in conjunction with Draka, the Triax HD Pro+ combines the best qualities of Fisher connectors and Draka cable, and increases transmission distances by more than 30%. The integrated cable and connector solution designed for indoor and outdoor application maximises the performance of a broadcasters’ triax equipment without the need for additional investment in fibre, and the subsequent operating costs. “Traditionally when the transmission distance of an 11mm Triax cable was not sufficient, broadcasters would either upgrade to 14mm Triax cable – which is much heavier and 40% more expensive – or upgrade the entire broadcast infrastructure to a costly SMPTE installation,” said Chris Smeeton, sales director at Argosy. “With the new Triax HD Pro+ solution, available from Argosy, we are able to provide broadcasters with a more cost-effective option quickly and easily.” Also on display at BVE 2013 will be Argosy’s range of IEC-lock mains cables as well as the MIL26 and MIL41 stage boxes and the studio wall box. This product range allows for more efficient operations and a reduction in cost and complexity in the live studio production and outside broadcast environments.C53

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