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Believing in IP

16 September 2013
Believing in IP

One of the certain claims coming out of this IBC is that IP is something we can now trust in, and some of the credit for this goes to SDNsquare, fronted by former EBU technical director Lieven Vermaele, the MD.

“We had to believe in IP so it would work, but now we can say it will work, and that we make an IP network completely predictable,” he said. “I always had one problem when I worked in the media industry with VRT and then the EBU – routing was never optimal for media, and networks go down.

“In the post environment we had bigger files going round and the traditional answer of the industry was always over provision,” he added. “We have to get the jams away from media networks and that is what we have done with the Software Defined Network.”

The intelligence that resides in routers and switches in IP networks now sits with an external management system, which tells the routers and switches how any package will have to go. Another key thing is the zone created in existing networks.

“We have made a network which creates guaranteed flows and uses the network at 100% capacity,” said Vermaele. “First of all you define flows, and they are shielded from each other. We just stack them up and use full capacity of the network.

“We have the management interface which controls everything, and the more flows/traffic you want decides the full cost. Doing the development required the knowledge of different domains, and we really had to work in the deep technology of how networks are behaving even at chip level.”

Erwin van Dommelen, partner in merapar, provided the funding round that SDNsquare is celebrating. He said: “This is unique in the market at the moment. We are focusing on post production now, and maybe next year on SDI replacement. This technology could also be used in medial and military apps. It is not just optimising, it is solving an IP problem.”

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