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Bel Launches 16-channel 3G audio/video monitor

14 September 2012
Bel Launches 16-channel 3G audio/video monitor

Bel Digital Audio’s new 16-channel 2U audio/video monitor and de-embedder featuring 16 individual high resolution LED bar graphs and a 5-inch video display was launched at IBC. The BM-AV2-E16SHD provides audio and video monitoring of 3G, HD, and SD SDI video signals with loopthrough. It also offers Dolby E/Digital and Digital Plus decoding. Two HF/MF speakers plus a dedicated LF speaker provide audible monitoring. A range of inputs and outputs are provided as standard, including two SDI inputs alongside eight AES audio pairs and 10 analogue inputs. All 16 audio channels on the front panel bar graphs are also available as AES-3id outputs on the rear of the unit, enabling the monitor to de-embed all 16 audio channels from any SDI stream. A re-clocked SDI loopthrough and eight analogue outputs (with front panel level control) are also provided. Using the front-panel controls, users can monitor any channel and can create combinations and groups. The bar graph meters are switchable between all available channels and inputs. Each meter features adjustable colour transition points and a peak-hold facility. The ballistics are user assignable and seven standard scales are available to choose from: Nordic, BBC PPM, DIN PPM, VU, VU Ext and AES/EBU. A Dolby decoder is included as standard. When enabled it can decode Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus material from any of the AES inputs, or from embedded audio data within the SDI bitstreams. A non-Dolby variant (the BM-AV2-16SHD) is also

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