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Bel Digital shows full production versions

7 February 2013
Bel Digital shows full production versions

Bel Digital Audio has announced it will be exhibiting the full production versions of its two latest 3G SDI audio/video monitors and de-embedders, plus the recently launched 16-channel BM-A2-E16SHD audio de-embedder/monitor. A pre-production version was displayed at the launch of the BM-AV2-E16SHD at IBC last September, but this will be the first time the complete range of units will be seen together in their final production versions. Bel will also be showing their 7150 and 8150 audio synchronisation delays. BM-AV2-E16SHD is Bel’s 2U range topping audio/video monitor and de-embedder, and features 16 individual LED bargraph meters on the front panel alongside a high quality, 5 inch video screen and a full range of controls all neatly laid out in Bel’s familiar style. The device provides a pair of auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs and accepts 10 analogue audio inputs and 8 AES-3id input pairs. Selected audio channels are also provided as AES-3id and analogue outputs on the rear panel. Analogue output levels can be fixed or controlled by the front panel volume control. An integral audio mix system enables any de-embedded audio channel to be mixed on either or both speakers, whilst maintaining a constant output level.J54

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