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Beat the Traffic going global

21 September 2011
Beat the Traffic going global

Beat the Traffic has adapted its three-dimensional mapping software for international broadcast use. Already used by 55 North American TV and media affiliates, Beat the Traffic’s animated 3D maps utilise high-resolution topography and allow news reporters to zoom in on specific road incidents, including delays, accidents and roadway construction, writes David Davies.

Along with average road speed information and travel times, broadcasters can use the maps to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute traffic forecasts for their viewers, as well as customise them for specific audiences.

Beat the Traffic president & CEO Andre Gueziec commented: “As we’ve seen in North America, TV and cable operators that deliver detailed, real-time traffic data – information that travellers can use to save time, money fuel and frustration – are able to build a tremendous level of trust with their audiences. With our technology now available internationally, we look forward to helping greater numbers of broadcasters strengthen and grow their own relationships with viewers, while also helping them travel smoothly and safely.”

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