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BBH goes for ContentAgent

7 September 2006

Root6 Technology’s encoding and delivery platform has rapidly become first choice at BBH’s Soho UK headquarters, where the company reports the system has paid for itself in four months.

BBH’s editing suites are used mainly for the post production of corporate work for agency clients, the creation of material for pitching, and the occasional reversioning of TV spots. Most of this work has traditionally been sourced from and output to tape, but the last 18 months has seen a pronounced increase in file-based material and an increasing demand for output to interactive DVD.

BBH’s Head of TV Facilities, David Cones, takes up the story. “We were looking for a neat way of importing and transcoding material, primarily for creating reels and for DVD creation. We needed to be able to import from various source including our own network, from ftp sites and from the online review and approval service operated by BEAM.TV.

“As every transcode we do is a billable item, we can easily calculate the return on investment and ContentAgent has paid for itself in four months. It’s easy to use, and setting up templates for repetitive tasks is straightforward; we’ve created some here for logging and batch digitising. We work mainly in MPEG and QuickTime formats here, but a useful feature of the system is that you can combine as many different formats as you want within a reel.

“A big plus for us is the ease of DVD creation. No authoring experience is required and the navigation system can be personalised for individual clients with the burn-in logo and titling facilities.”

Marcus Hume-Humphreys, MD of ROOT6 Technology said: “It’s very encouraging when our customers report such a quick return on investment. In addition to agencies, this is also proving the case in the production and post-production sectors where the system’s ability to pay for itself quickly has been an important factor in its success.”

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