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BBC updates HD guidelines

13 July 2010
BBC updates HD guidelines

The BBC has updated its commissioning guidelines with HD very much at the forefront. All programmes must be delivered to the BBC in HD by April 2011 with only a maximum 25% SD allowed. 5.1 has not been locked into the new spec.

The Corporation advises that SD will be considered, but adds a sting to the tail, saying “in some cases we will advise that we do not consider that HD delivery will necessarily enhance the programme significantly for audiences, and therefore a particular project is not a priority for us.”

5.1 is not considered a pre-requisite, with sound requirements being confirmed on a case by case basis and the Corporation working on what it calls “wraparound sound alternatives.”

There is also an approved cameras list which is as follows:

Panasonic AJ-HPX3700, 2700, 3000 & 2100
Panasonic ‘Varicam’ HDC27F & H
Panasonic AJ-HDX900
Sony HDW F900R & 900
Sony HDW 790, 750 & 730
Sony CineAlta F35
Arri D21 & Alexa
Panavision Genesis
Thompson Viper

For use by Independent productions only:
Cannon XF 300E & 305E
Red One
Sony PDW 800 & 700

Mini cameras:
Iconix HD-RH1
Panasonic HCK10 / HMR10
Toshiba IK-HR1S
Toshiba IK-HD1

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