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BBC Super Hi-Vision plans emerge

12 September 2010
BBC Super Hi-Vision plans emerge

Conference: The BBC will be transmitting a rock music concert in Super Hi-Vision direct to Japan later this month and is thinking about the format’s role in the Olympics.

Roger Mosey, who is the BBC’s 2012 London Olympic Games director, is talking to Japanese public broadcaster NHK about facilitating Super Hi-Vision images at the upcoming 2012 games.

“We are very hopeful for Super Hi Vision, because it would almost certainly be just one camera, so it isn’t as if we have to rig for hundreds of cameras at multiple locations,” Mosey told The IBC Daily. “The upcoming test transmission will be to ensure our ability to get signals from London to Japan. It will probably end up being used at a few test screens for public viewing.”

As for the September transmission, the BBC’s Super Hi-Vision effort for NHK will cover music group The Charlatans, and Mosey said the transmission will also include images gathered at Team GB Taekwondo bouts.

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