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BBC Post offers free demos

27 September 2007

BBC Post Production is launching a new series of free demos this autumn giving practical guidance on new technology and workflows to independent production companies. Demos will be available at all three of its sites in London, Bristol and Birmingham over the next six months on a wide variety of topics.

The demos will be led by experts from BBC Post Production, which is part of BBC Resources, who have a depth and breadth of experience on projects ranging from international events like the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics and reality-based entertainment and factual shows, such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Trauma’, through to award winning natural history programmes such as ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Galapagos’ and HD dramas such as ‘Skins’. The demos cover the following subjects:

5.1 Sound – Real-life demonstrations of how sound and, in particular 5.1 audio, has been used to good effect in a wide assortment of productions. How can audio enhance your production? Budgeting, preparing and planning for audio post and 5.1.

HD – BBC Post Production’s experience working in HD across Drama, Entertainment, Natural History and Sport, as well as short films and work for both UK and international broadcasters.

Telecine – The techniques used by colourists to help programme makers create the look of television today. The wide range of grading platforms now available; including SD and HD film transfers on high end telecine machines (Spirit) and SD/HD linear and nonlinear tape systems (Pogle, Nucoda, Symphony and colour).

High End – Using Autodesk’s Smoke 2K, this demo shows how complex grading, compositing and video effects are used to create title sequences, highly polished promos and intricate invisible effects in long-form finishing.

Workflows – Discover how BBC Post Production has worked in partnership with content creators, designing bespoke workflows for complex productions. ‘Dinosapien’: how we overcame the logistics and time differences of a programme being post produced across two continents. ‘Trauma’: finding the best solution for viewing, logging, ingesting of large volumes of media and integration into the post production process, while production on location.

Multiplatform – Solutions to multiplatform delivery for various programmes and the complex issues surrounding final delivery.

Setting up your own in-house facility – Do you need advice on installing a temporary or permanent facility? Enjoy a taster on how BBC Post Production’s experienced team can guide and support you throughout the process. No installation too big or small.

Digital Intermediate – Bristol only. Demonstrating a project going through a tapeless workflow, including different elements like film, archive, stills, HD and SD. Showing the integration of film into a timeline direct from telecine, through to a digital non-linear grading system, Lustre, and finally finishing on Smoke for effects.

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