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BBC, ITV and Orange to debate 3D future

20 April 2010
BBC, ITV and Orange to debate 3D future

Beyond the hardware components, the practical implications of delivering quality 3D programming have only just begun to be thought through. 3D Masters 2010 brings together some of the leading European executives who are tackling the issues head on.

Amid all the hyperbole surrounding the push to 3DTV it’s easy to forget that very few European broadcasters have yet migrated their production facilities over to high definition.

Nonetheless more than twenty-five broadcasters have announced full 3DTV channel launches or transmission and production tests even while the business model remains far from certain.

With broadcasters still planning investment in HD many will be considering the implications of 3D before finalising their budgets. Is, for example, a move into 3Gbps processing a sensible path to at least futureproof studio and production infrastructure for 3D?

Beyond the hardware components the practical implications of delivering quality 3D programming have only just begun to be thought through. What steps need taking to transition play-out from HD to 3D? Decisions need taking about how to include graphical elements, promo insertions or commercials within the 3D broadcast, where to place subtitles on the screen plane or how to modify an EPG. What impact does 3D have on delivery networks?

3D Masters 2010 brings together leading executives to tackle these issues head on. They include:

BBC Head of HD, Danielle Nagler, who has led preparations for the BBC’s launch of HD on Freeview and continues to spearhead the Corporation’s growing HD portfolio.

ITV Technical Analyst and 3D Consultant, Colin Smith, who has supervised the broadcaster’s own trials into the format.

Lukas Kernell, General Manager of Thematic Channels for The Netherlands-based playout provider Digital Media Centre, which recently debuted Masters Golf tournament in 3D partnered with Dutch cable operator UPC.

Michel Chabrol, Sales Director at Eutelsat, which has been running a 3D demo transmissions on its Eurobird satellite for over a year and this month teamed with Russia’s General Satellite Corporation and the Mariinsky Theatre for a satellite transmission of the St. Petersburg ballet.

They are joined by an executive from French cable operator Orange, which will beat rival Canal+ to a 3D launch when it broadcasts the French Open Tennis tournament from Roland Garros next month. The event will be covered in 3D and broadcast via ADSL and fibre to Orange subscribers on a dedicated Orange web-TV channel.

3D Masters 2010 promises to deliver the most comprehensive and up to the minute advice, discussion and networking opportunities for anyone tasked with making 3D TV a reality. Follow the link below for more details and to register.

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