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BBC iPlayer law change takes effect

1 September 2016
BBC iPlayer law change takes effect

The iPlayer ‘loophole’ saga has drawn to a close after new law changes were implemented today.

The amendment means that users of the BBC iPlayer platform must be covered by a TV licence, regardless of whether they are viewing on-demand, catch up or downloaded content.

The government announced plans last year to close the iPlayer loophole, which allowed users to view content without paying a licence if they were technically not watching on a television set.

The move is expected to save the BBC £100 million per year towards its £650 million target.

Pipa Doubtfire, head of revenue management, said, “The change in law will help protect the BBC’s long-term income as more viewers consume on-demand programmes and will ensure fairness for those already paying for BBC content.

“TV licensing has carried out a targeted information campaign so those who are unlicensed will know about the change. In addition, an advisory notice will appear on BBC iPlayer from 1 September.”

Users refusing to pay the fee are set to lose out on 4,000 hours of content.

Last month, the corporation moved to quash rumours that it would use Wi-FI detection vans to sniff out those using iPlayer without a licence, but quite how it will be monitored remains to be seen.

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