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BBC experimenting with VR projects

9 June 2016
BBC experimenting with VR projects

The BBC is launching a number of new virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree projects.

The various, ‘relatively low budget’ releases have been developed to allow the BBC to explore the potential interest in the emerging platform throughout the UK.

“We are looking to work out what works and what doesn’t,” said Andy Conroy, BBC R&D controller. “Some of this is basic, entry-level [technology like 360 video]. Other offers are much more immersive true VR content.”

The public broadcaster is also looking to investigate how story-telling, pacing, direction and sound work within VR.

The corporation is wary of a repeat of the 3D market, where content, pricing and technology all failed to satisfy consumers despite the initial breakthrough as the ‘next big thing’.

The BBC will premiere their new projects We Wait, an animated piece that Aardman Digital worked on with the BBC about the experience of refugees from Turkey who hope to make it to Greece by boat, 360 video Trooping the Color, which allows viewers to watch the annual birthday parade for the Queen from the spot where she typically stands, and Home – A VR Spacewalk.

Other projects include Rome’s Invisible CityAttenborough 360 and Strictly Come Dancing 360.

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