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Basel University opts for Grass Valley HD cameras

20 November 2013
Basel University opts for Grass Valley HD cameras

To facilitate the migration from SD to HD production at Switzerland’s Basel University, PZ-Multimedia AG, a systems integrator and service provider, has selected Grass Valley LDX Première advanced imaging cameras. PZ-Multimedia AG is a company with a background in editing and producing TV spots for regional studios and systems integration.

The LDX Première is a dual format HD camera for basic broadcast applications, based on third-generation CMOS imagers, Grass Valley’s Xensium-FT. The cameras meet Basel University’s requirement for HD live and studio-based production.

“Our clients expect a certain level of quality, so migrating to HD equipment made perfect sense,” commented Yves Finck, technical manager, PZ-Multimedia AG. “The broadcast market is rapidly evolving and technologies such as HD and 3G are becoming today’s standard. We remain dedicated to providing our users with the highest quality of service possible and the Grass valley LDX Première is built to survive in today’s ever-evolving live production landscape.”

The LDX Première integrates with the GV-eLicense programme. GV-eLicense provides users with the choice of upgrading camera capabilities to a higher level model, aiming to provide production flexibility and easing CAPEX pressures.

“Basel University is the oldest university in Switzerland, and considered to be one of the leading universities in the country, so it’s important to us to deliver fitting, sophisticated imagery that reflects this,” said Dr. Phil. Thomas Lehmann, head of New Media Center, Basel University. “We couldn’t be more pleased with our new camera systems as we make the effort to move step by step to HD, and we plan to get a lot of use out of them.”

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