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Barco and Orad to collaborate

24 August 2006

In a joint statement from Belgium and Tel Aviv, Barco and Orad announced earlier this week that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on an integrated system that offers ‘unprecedented flexibility of backdrop designs’ for studios and sets in the broadcast market.

As part of the agreement, Barco and Orad will cooperate during the sales process through lead sharing, combined bids, and joint project proposals. Both companies have already completed the integration of Barco’s displays and processors with Orad’s Maestro VRX system. The joint system has already received positive customer reaction at previous demonstrations during NAB and Broadcast Asia and will be demonstrated at IBC in Amsterdam.

“The integration of our Maestro VRX system with Barco’s versatile display technology brings our shared clients the industry’s most flexible solution for set and studio designs.” said Ofir Benovici, director of marketing and product management at Orad. “By bringing together these best-of-breed technologies, we are enabling our joint customers to leverage the best that 3D realtime graphics technologies have to offer with a flexible hard set backdrop solution to create unparalleled flexibility for graphical mixing and presentation material while maintaining ease of interactivity and use for the presenter.”

The integration of the complementary Orad and Barco systems enables very high resolution backdrop outputs that provide pixelization free graphic display even when the view is highly zoomed in. This generates an ideal final presented view to the audience. As such, this environment will support insertion of realtime 3D objects into a hard set. More importantly, by integrating the high resolution display backdrop, the presenter can work more interactively with the displayed graphic materials on set while maintaining the crucial lines of sights to affect a more natural delivery to viewers. As a result, this enhances the flexibility of the set while ensuring the natural delivery and interactivity of the presenters providing broadcasters and producers the best of both virtual and hard set environments.

“The integration of our processors and large screen display technology with the Orad solutions is a natural fit.” said Alain Solomon, vice president of sales and marketing, Barco Control Rooms. “Therefore, with this relationship, we can deliver more value to our joint customers and ensure high performance realtime interoperability of the systems we deliver to our clients.”

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