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Backpack workflow for Olympic challenge

17 August 2012
Backpack workflow for Olympic challenge

With huge crowds as well as busy airwaves posing challenges to broadcasters covering the London Olympics, many turned to the LiveU backpack system, distributed by Garland Partners. The units allow reporters in the field to send video over the cellular telephony network from any location. This frees camera crews from the need to be close to a satellite truck for live broadcasting, allowing them the freedom to roam, following the crowd and the events. 46 global media outlets used more than 100 LiveU backpacks at the Games. They have also been used by cameras following the rowing competition on cycles at Eton Dorney. Sports journalist Michael Buehler with Swiss TV found that having the device ready meant he could grab an exclusive interview with Roger Federer as he walked off the practice court ahead of the tennis final with Andy Murray. “We have been everywhere with the unit,” Buehler said. New Zealand’s Sky TV had been planning for two years to use LiveU for their Olympic coverage. The technology was used to film from Kiwi House in London where Sky used wired internet to give them a low cost link for live transmissions, and used the backpacks for inserts into news and magazine shows. “We have found it great to be able to stand in front of well-known London sites and venues, such as Big Ben, to get the atmosphere of the Games,” said Kerry Phelvin Sky TV technical production manager.


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