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Axon set for live demos of Cortex, Synapse, TRACS2

1 February 2012
Axon set for live demos of Cortex, Synapse, TRACS2

Cortex monitoring and control software, Synapse modular interfaces and the TRACS2 compliance recording system will all be part of Axon’s presence at BVE next month.

Cortex, Axon’s monitoring and control software, will feature the latest developments with Tally and UMD management customer-definable user interface for control and monitoring of Axon and third-party products, with router control, SNMP functionality and the redundant server option.

The Synapse system, for modular interfacing and conversion, continues to develop, and Axon will introduce two new modules at the show. The HNS400 is an HD and SD SDI VBI/VANC inserter with composite and SDI inputs, and HD, SD and SDI outputs. VBI (for example, Teletext) or VANC (OP47) information present in the composite or SDI signal can be transcoded and inserted into the main HD or SD SDI signal. The HNS400 can insert lines from both composite and SDI domain into lines in the SDI domain.

Also new is the HSI12, a standalone card that can insert or decode X31 cues into or from the vertical blanking. The card will decode the cues and pass the status to GPI.

Axon will also showcase the SynCross modular router line, which is also part of the Synapse system and fits in the same form factor as other Synapse modules. SynCross is capable of switching 3Gb/s, HD and SD SDI signals, as well as compressed domain signals such as ASI/DVB and SSI/SMPTE-310. The SynCross routing system can occupy from 1 slot in a Synapse frame for an 8-input/8-output system up to five slots for a system with 40 inputs and outputs. It is very simple to expand a SynCross system up to 40 inputs and outputs, both in electrical or fiber, or a mix between optical and electrical. This system can be controlled via Ethernet, Cortex Control Panels or Cortex.

The SynView modular multiviewers, also part of the Synapse system/form factor, are 3Gb/s, HD, low-latency modular multiviewers. The extreme low latency makes these multiviewers perfect for production video walls (OB vans, studios), playout videowalls, multi-head, multi-screen high resolution systems and master control systems.

Also on display will be TRACS2, Axon’s third-generation compliance and recording system, which has been enhanced with live stream multicasting and as-run log integration.


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