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Axon presents live demos

9 February 2011
Axon presents live demos

Axon will be showing live presentations and demonstrations from its range of Cortex monitoring and control software, SynView multiviewer, Synapse modular interfaces and third generation compliance recording system TRACS2.

Cortex, Axon’s monitoring and control software, will feature the latest developments with customer-definable User Interface for control and monitoring of Axon and third-party products, with Router Control, SNMP functionality and with the redundant server option. The success of this product line is being emphasised by a full week of Cortex Master Classes, which took place at the Axon UK premises in January.

Axon’s multiviewer system SynView, part of the Synapse range, is now also available with DVI and VGA inputs, with output resolution up to 1920×1200. Audio bar graphs, multiple Tally and UMD OSD are included as standard. An efficient, integrated monitor solution, Synview will accept LTC, VITC and NTP for multiple analogue or digital clock displays. It is a modular system; every card has its own CPU so is fast to boot and may be used standalone. Also additional cards may easily be added to expand an existing system and being modular, SynView may be easily re-configured using Cortex control and monitoring applications; this flexibility makes SynView attractive to the Hire and Outside Broadcast market where every job is different.

The Synapse system continues to grow, Axon recently released four new modules; twoi audio shufflers (GAF500 and GAF900), a dual channel ASI/DVB monitor (ASI10) and a triple mode 16 channel I/O-card for Synapse Quad Speed applications (DIO88). Also part of the Synapse system is the award-winning 3D processor G3D100, a low latency, dual-channel (stereoscopic) module with specific 3D functions; horizontal and vertical flip on either input for 3D mirror rigs, plus left and right ‘eye’ signal squeeze to present combined anamorphic side-by-side images in a single stream. The unit has recently been enhanced with 2D to 3D conversion. The module has been used for various 3D demo transmissions in Europe, Middle East and the US.

TRACS2, Axon’s third generation compliance and recording system will also be on display with its new HD input feature.

Stand: G40

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