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axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere now available

26 August 2013
axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere now available

axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere has been released by axle Video, and brings together media management with Anywhere’s distributed editing capability. With this release, remote Premiere Pro and Prelude editing can be deployed to a wider range of uses, rather than limited to sites who already owned sophisticated MAMs.

axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere is a hardware and software system that provides automated media tacking, proxy generation, remote browsing, and review and approval for Adobe Anywhere users.

"We’re pleased that axle is offering this affordable, browser-based media management system," said Simon Williams, director of strategic relationships at Adobe . "This new functionality will help a wide range of content creators who are using Adobe Anywhere for collaborative editing."

The system works in realtime to catalogue media. Through a web browser-based UI, users can browse proxies, annotate, collaborate on, review, and approve media from any location. axle Gear manages the lifecycle of media prior to and after the creative process, and is compatible with nearly all file systems and media storage solutions.

"Adobe Anywhere addresses the rapidly growing need for media professionals of all kinds to collaborate at any time, and with the right creative talent, regardless of their location," said Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle Video. "Once that core collaborative capability is in place, media management quickly becomes essential to the content creation workflow, and the radical simplicity of axle Video makes it a perfect companion to Adobe Anywhere."


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