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Award-winning post house selects Avid ISIS 5000

7 April 2011
Award-winning post house selects Avid ISIS 5000

UK company Clear Cut Pictures has purchased an Avid ISIS 5000 shared storage solution to help handle its growing requirements for tapeless media workflow and data storage. The 128 TB ISIS 5000 was sold and will be supported by Avid Elite channel partner Root6.

The ISIS 5000 will sit at the heart of the tapeless infrastructure at Clear Cut Pictures, which was recently announced as the winner of the best post-production house 2011 at the Broadcast Awards.

Horacio Queiro, CEO at Clear Cut Pictures, commented: “We don’t want our clients or creative talent to be hampered by storage technology – it just needs to work unnoticed in the background. As we’re a platform-independent operation working on both Avid and Final Cut Pro systems, we wanted an open, central storage hub so editors can sit at any edit seat in the facility and access material easily, efficiently and quickly.

“We simply cannot compromise on reliability or quality as what we do is so time-critical. For our current affairs work, we cut programmes right up to the wire – sometimes just an hour before transmission. So it’s crucial to have a storage system we can really trust. We went with Avid ISIS as it’s simply the best media storage solution on the market – not only is it the most reliable and foolproof but it’s open platform so it’s easy for everyone in the facility to access it. The 128 TB ISIS gives us a lot of available bandwidth, and on top of that we have over 200 TB of near-line storage plus LTO (Linear Tape Open) back-up services. All of this gives us the capacity we need in today’s HD-hungry media world.”

Clear Cut’s many credits include Kissinger (National Geographic), Panorama (BBC1) and The Miracle of the Hudson River Plane Crash (Channel 4).

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