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AViTA aids operator comfort

13 March 2012

The AViTA production control system from Hi Tech Systems will be displayed at NAB 2012 including the launch of a new sports application. The company has developed a unique hybrid control system using the very latest touchscreen technology and modular hardware panels to allow multiple users to access multiple server ports over a network.  Tom Favell, managing director, said: “AVITA takes Hi Tech’s control expertise right to the heart of production workflow, providing financial and operational benefits to our customers.” Launched at last year’s NAB, AViTA is now installed in a number of key broadcasters who use it for news play out and live studio productions. NAB 2102 sees the introduction of AViTA Sports – a specifically designed software application and an associated T-Bar hardware panel module for accurate slow motion replay. AViTA is a live production system that is designed to capture, edit and play out media from multiple sources very easily and quickly – for example pressing the ‘record’ button instantly initiates the creation and recording of a clip. Using more traditional controllers, the clip would typically need to be created and named before recording commenced, potentially missing vital seconds from the incoming source. The user interface is clear and uncluttered with menus that slide in and out of view as required and the system is built to allow easy conversion to languages other than English. N5020


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