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Avion posts Prague’s first 3D commercial

24 March 2011
Avion posts Prague's first 3D commercial

Prague-located film and TV post facility Avion has upgraded its Quantel Pablo 4K finishing suite with the Neo control panel and stereo3D toolset to cater for rising demand for 3D projects. Its first 3D project, for which the Quantel Pablo was used, was a 2D-3D conversion of a commercial for Komercni Banka – the first such commercial completed in the Czech Republic. “We had the original footage, which included some green screen composites,” explains Geoffrey Case, senior project supervisor and colourist. “This was a big help as we had background elements already separated from foreground in some of the shots. Otherwise, it is really a slow, painstaking process. Lots of masking of people, lots of 3D modeling of the environments so we can then project the filmed material onto 3D objects and recreate the depth for the stereo cameras.” The facility also uses a Doremi Rapid mastering station to prepare DCP for digital cinema distribution and for film out. It owns an Arri Laser 2K and 4K for film recording. Other tools include Flame, Fusion, Maya and Softimage 3D. 3D TV hasn’t taken hold in the Czech Republic yet but Avion has begun work prepping two 3D film projects. “It looks to us as if demand for stereo work is beginning to build up here,” adds Case. “There is a feeling that it involves all sorts of magical skills and abilities and we feel like it requires some education for people to understand that it really isn’t that complicated.” Stereo and digital film expert Fred Meyers, who is also a consultant with German camera equipment hire shop Band Pro has an office within Avion Post. “We’re planning to bring in the Kernercam 3D rig, along with resources from Band Pro Munich, to offer full 3D production capabilities in the Czech market,” Meyers says, pictured here with Kernercam.

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