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Avid understands the edit

12 April 2011

NAB News: In amongst a host of new enhancements to the Avid Media Composer is a fascinating feature that promises to ease the work of editors under pressure. It allows you to navigate around the content by looking for spoken words, writes Dick Hobbs.

PhraseFind uses speech analysis algorithms already implemented by Avid, and puts them in the search tool. The editor simply types a word or phrase into the search box and Media Composer finds all the instances where it thinks someone says that word or phrase, listing them in confidence order.

Reality television is an obvious application, where any way to help navigate through the hours of raw material is a benefit. A logger might note a discussion on an interesting subject: all the editor has to do is search for the key word and all the clips are located and loaded into a bin, ready for editing. Similarly, a drama editor could quickly find an alternative take of a scene if there was a problem with the first choice of take. In news, an editor could get to the key message in a long speech.

PhraseFind is an option for the new release, Media Composer 5.5. It comes with both American and British English dictionaries, with other languages available.

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